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Teaching is still one of the most popular career choices
Experienced teachers are needed in school districts almost everywhere
Most educators start out by earning their bachelor's degree
You can get started at a local campus or through online classes

Some New Pages

I have prepared some new pages for our website.

These brand new pages are for folks who are looking into attending a school in Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire or New Jersey.

There are academic institutions that provide degrees in teaching and education. These pages have a list of these colleges for those states.

These colleges may vary enormously in the types of degrees made available, class schedules and tuition cost.

If you wish to visit those pages, you could go there now:
NE Page
NV Page
NH Page
NJ Page

Is your alma mater not on this list? Tell us about it.

Some M States

We have set up some new pages on our website. They all begin with the letter “M”.

These latest pages center on education alternatives within Mississippi, Missouri or Montana.

At these pages we have included several schools that offer training for students interested in earning their teaching degrees.

Each college listed has some solid options to think about when it comes to starting a career in education.

Interested? Head to those pages here: MS Training; MO Training; or MT Training.

Did you go to a school that is not on that list? Be sure to let us know.

Education in MN

The latest page was posted today.

This newest page focuses on education and job training choices in Minnesota.

Visitors to this page can easily discover a number of the well-known MN colleges and see the degree programs and classes they offer.

The educational facilities included offer a lot of different diploma choices to check out.

In case a Minnesota school is in your future, you could take a look at this MN page.

Our site along with our readers would be interested in listening to your earlier experience at any school you care to tell us about.

Weekend page

The latest page on our website is about school choices in Michigan.

This newest page targets school and career training choices in Detroit and around the state of Michigan.

This page has a number of possible choices for pupils interested in the teaching field.

The elements of each school shown may vary significantly as far as available degrees, classes and tuition cost.

You could look at a listing of MI colleges here now.

Do you have a comment regarding the universities listed on this page? Take a moment and email it to us.

MA Page

There is a newly launched page at our site now. This latest page is about schools and career training in Massachusetts.

This new post is focused on Massachusetts schools and vocational instruction.

The key goal of this page is to showcase a small list of academic institutions that provide teacher training and education programs.

During a quick meeting with an admission representative, you can pick up some sensible suggestions concerning which institutions might be most suitable for your future career needs.

I have placed that MA page here.

We are constantly searching for feedback and simple reviews of these schools, so make sure you let us know concerning your experience with enrolling at one.

ME and MD

If you reside in Maine or Maryland, we have some pages that could appeal to you.

These pages have a couple of elements. First, they offer basic info about pursuing a career in this field, and, second, they attempt to introduce site visitors to several of the colleges within their state.

Schools who offer education and teacher training are listed at these pages. Future students might look into one or two of these schools.

The features of each university shown will vary significantly in terms of offered degrees, classes and tuition cost.

If you choose to visit those pages, you can visit there now at ME Teacher Training or MD Teacher Training

The short list could be missing a decent school. Let us know which school is missing.

Released Pages

Released a couple of new pages for this week.

The pages for today are for Kentucky and Louisiana students.

Each page has a list of schools for that state.

There is a small form near the bottom of these pages that allows the reader to give their email address and name. This information is made available to the few schools the student is thinking of. A college admissions specialist can then call the student and go over the opportunity of applying to their school.

If you are considering attending a Kentucky or Louisiana college, you can get more info right here at KY Colleges or LA Colleges.

Our website and also our readers would be interested in reading about your prior experiences at any of these colleges.

Newer Page

This site has a new, different page.

This latest page is centered around schools and professional training within Kansas.

We have come up with a modest list on this page. This list is for area colleges that provide diplomas in teaching or education.

You can find campus-based colleges as well as online institutions.

You can see this page here.

Did you graduate from a good school you want to tell us about?

For Iowa Residents

The most recent page on our site was produced today.

In this page, we discuss Iowa school options.

There is one space on this page that readers might find especially useful. There is a form where readers can put in their name and phone number and then get reached by the schools they are thinking about attending.

This is handy, because it will not take very long to determine whether a particular institution is best for you. A fast meeting with an admission official is all that is required.

You could check out that page now — IA School Choices — if you would like to examine those college options.

And in case you already have some experience going to a university in Iowa, we are certainly interested in hearing your observations about that experience.

Todays Page

Residents in Indiana now have an easy way to learn more about school choices in their state. We’ve produced a new page about this subject.

The purpose of this page is to focus on Indiana educational programs.

There is a form on this page which will allow you to take a look at local educational institutions and the sort of training they deliver.

A lot of these schools are private vocational training schools, some are larger state-run universities.

That page is all set up, so if you are interested, you could explore it here at our IN school page.

Do you have a comment about the colleges included on this page? Take a moment and email it to us.

Chicago and Beyond

We have many different pages on our site, and as of today, we now have a new one.

This page is about career training opportunities in Illinois.

You can see a brief list of educational institutions on this page. Those institutions supply career training in education.

You may know many of the institutions listed there, but there could be some that you will not.

Here is that page – IL school list.

If you do not see your favorite college included on that page, tell us about it.

Pair of Pages

Idaho and Hawaii have a few reputable colleges. We have published two new pages regarding educational opportunities in those states.

We have put up some short lists at each of these pages. These lists are for local colleges that have diplomas in teaching or education.

The degrees offered by these schools differ significantly, so you have plenty of options.

If you wish to look at those universities, simply click here to visit those pages: HI for Hawaii schools or ID for Idaho.

And in case your favorite local college isn’t on our short list yet, just tell us about it.

Newest Addition

This website has a new article today.

This page is written for individuals who want to go to a Georgia college.

You will find a brief list of schools on this page. These schools deliver degrees in teaching and education.

A short meeting with an admissions official can end in having your concerns responded to and finding out which college is suited for your situation.

I have placed that page right here.

Let us know in case you have any remarks regarding the colleges listed there.

Our Florida Page

There are plenty of respectable colleges in Florida. We have now put together a page about it.

Florida schools and teacher vocation organizations is what this page is committed to.

We have put together a small list at this page. This listing is for local colleges that provide undergrad or graduate degrees in education.

Each university listed features a good range of alternatives to consider.

In case you would like to learn more, you can visit our FL page here.

If you graduated from some Florida university and want to let us know about your experiences there, we’re interested.

Visit New Pages

If you live in California, Colorado or Connecticut, we have new pages you could be interested in.

Our California page discusses schools in that state — visit CA page.

Our Colorado page lists schools there — see CO page.

And our Connecticut page has info on schools in that state. You can visit the CT page.

Phoenix and More

Our page today is about education training opportunities in the state of Arizona.

Our Arizona page has an option where you can check out the various colleges and other schools in Phoenix and other cities.

The teaching profession is still very popular for entering freshmen.

Be sure to check out this page if you are thinking about attending school in Arizona.


Newer Page

The second state page is done today.

We have put up a page that is for residents of Alaska who are thinking about majoring in education and getting started with a career in teaching.

This new page is found here, and you can check it out if you happen to live up in Alaska.

Thanks a lot.



New State

We released a new page today.

This page is all about enrolling in a teacher training program in Alabama.

Residents of Alabama can look for schools either located inside the state or services local students with an online program.

You can visit this new page here.


Redesigned Website

We have made a major redesign of our website today.

The site will be better moving forward.

If you notice anything unusual or something that doesn’t work — go ahead and let us know.